All companies want to make a profit. But for a company to be competitive today, it needs to be successful in more areas than the financial. These areas set the standard for the goals that we endeavour to live up to every day, both as a company and as individuals.

Safety means there must be no unacceptable risks to personal life and health, the biological and physical environment, or material assets. Human factors contribute to many accidents. Risk analyses and measures to protect the employees’ health and safety constitute an important part of our every-day work and focus. To build a sound internal safety culture is one of our top priorities. We want all our employees to feel safe at work.

The external environment
We want to be recognised as a company with responsible attitudes and practices as regards the environmental challenges. Consequently it is important to us to reduce noise, dust, emissions to air and discharges to sea from our activities, in order to protect the local and global environment, and everybody who works in our companies.

Health and working environment
A healthy and motivated workforce performs better and is more creative, thus contributing to improved results. It is highly important to us that our employees are in good health, and feel safe in their working environment. Prevention and follow-up of work-related illnesses is a high-focus area, and we work systematically on preventative measures to maintain our high standards of health and working environment.